Axes of research

Axes of research

The research conducted at PROSE on environmental biotechnologies is built along 3 major axes:

1. Elementary process analysis

with cutting-edge analytical approaches and in line data acquisition, from lab scale to industrial scale

  • Metaomics, instrumentation, knowledge representation models

2. Knowledge integration and coupling

for engineering, by database development, data treatment tools (bioinformatics and biostatistics) and coupled bio-physico-chemical modeling

  • Data driven approaches: database, data analysis, development of indicators
  • Biology/physics/chemistry coupled modeling and study of emerging properties from these couplings
Consistent microbial dynamics and functional community patterns derived from first principles

3. Bioprocesses optimization and innovation

by lifting scientific and technical barriers against implementation of innovative processes and by real scale testing

  • Bioelectrochemical processes for environmental biorefinery, optimization of existing processes, model-assisted design
Schéma de principe d'un pilote bioélectrochimique pour la biorafinnerie environnementale

Schéma de principe d'un pilote bioélectrochimique pour la biorafinnerie environnementale

Pilote bioélectrochimique TRL4 pour la biorafinnerie environnementale

Pilote bioélectrochimique TRL4 pour la biorafinnerie environnementale

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